How to Join KENSS

KENSS Membership

The Korean Environmental Sciences Society (KENSS), Inc. aims to contribute to the advancement and dissemination of science and technology by converging and connecting basic sciences and engineering fields, which are related to the environment (Article 2 of KENSS Constitution and Bylaws).

※ Before joining KENSS, please read through Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Constitution & Bylaws.
Anyone who wants to be a regular member of KENSS must fill in all the application spaces on the ‘Member’ menu of our website and then complete the procedure described below to become a regular member.

Regular member benefits

Eligibility to submit manuscripts to the Journal of Environmental Science International, which is published on a monthly basis.

Discount on registration fees for KENSS conferences

How to Join KENSS: Fill out and submit the Membership Form that can be downloaded below. Please contact the KENSS office (, TEL: 080-51-514-1752, FAX: 080-51-514-1210) once payment of fees (enrollment fee and annual dues) has been completed. Instructions for payments are listed in detail below.

The enrollment fee is KRW 10,000 and the annual due is KRW 30,000. Graduate student members (either in master’s or PhD course) can avail benefits of the discounted annual due of KRW 10,000 (Any candidate who has received a master’s or PhD degree must pay the annual dues for a regular member).

How to Make Payments

  1. 1. Bank transfer (Busan Bank) 101-2029-3627-00,
    Account holder : Korean Environmental Sciences Society, Inc. (When remitting dues, please state the member’s name.)
  2. 2. Online payments can be made using the website (Member -> Make Payments)